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I was born in 1951 in San Francisco, California, the daughter of a German war bride and an American soldier. My family relocated to Germany in 1956, then back to the States again in 1960. Both sides of my family were littered with prolific painters and writers. Despite this, my parents dissuaded me from pursuing a career in the Arts.

My first opportunity to explore and share my talents came in 1973 when I entered the Army. As a one ‘man’ staff I wrote, edited and laid up a brigade level newspaper. I learned the basics of photography and found ways to incorporate my artwork on the printed page. My artistic talents were drawn upon to paint murals for brigade Headquarters and framed art for visiting dignitaries. After the military art and writing were set aside again while I raised my sons, Michael and Theodore.

Years later (1985- 1986) I attended and graduated from the Philadelphia School of Printing and Advertising with a major in Advertising Art. Still financially unable to focus on art as a career, I used my training to work as a graphic artist the Tampa Tribune until 1990, when I graduated the University of South Florida with a Masters in Social Work. As a Clinical Social Worker, art became a means of exploring my clients’ emotions and personality, and decorative painting my personal ‘therapy’.

Since my early retirement in 2001 I have enjoyed focusing on art and writing almost exclusively. The only other activity that draws time away from the canvas or page is my commitment to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. I have never felt more fulfilled. Through these pages I hope to share my art and my vision with others.



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